Remembrance Day

Remembrance day is a day to remember the fallen men and women who served our country in all the wars we have been in especially world war 1. Remembrance day is on the 11th of the 11th every year. The war ended in 1918, that day was called Armistace day but now its called Remembrance day. There was 60,000 Australian soldiers killed in world war 1 and 30 million world wide.

World war 1 was known to be the war to end all wars because it was so tragic it took so many lives, but there was another world war a few years later.

Lest we forget

brett lee

1. Don’t put photos of your self on the internet

2. anyone can be anyone if you know what meen

3.don’t put your address on the internet

4. Do not talk to someone who you dont know

5. Don’t put something on your blog that your parents and grandparents don’t want to see